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Code Like A Kid using Small Basic

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Others

Along with few of my friends I started learning programming with a language called BASIC.It seems to be a very long long time from now.But that was fun..real & honest.That was one of the few things, like learning to play chess, algebra, geometry.. etc, whenever I remember about it I feel happy.Last week I came across the new version of Small Basic in a blog post, old memories sparked,I downloaded and started playing with it.


What is Engineering??

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Others

Last Tuesday I saw the movie Three Idiots and on Friday we were having discussion on our own engineering college days,about so many engineering colleges springing up here and there etc.As time went by  and we started becoming a little high on whiskey the discussion took a different turn and we started to look for a definition of engineering: What is Engineering? “Application of Science”,”Solving Real Life Problems” etc. etc. lots of definition/explanation we came up with.But somehow I felt that we are missing something or there has to have a better definition that connects all these dots in a wholesome fashion.


My TweetCloud Over An Year

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Others

Today I generated my tweet cloud over my tweets of past one year using

This can be accessed at

Nice concept.It gives you a cool snapshot about what you have tweeted in a time span.