ideaman Memoir of Paul Allen, Microsoft’s cofounder…still reading..
Tokyo.. After Dark( by Haruki Murakami)…through camera eyes of an alien spaceship… story of two sisters Mari & Eri Asai.. a beaten up Chinese prostitute..a computer programmer..a worm hole through a TV..
Huxley’s Brave New World is a technologically advanced, ideal society controlled through advanced biological/genetic engineering mechanisms.Here humans are no longer born but hatched,engineered and psychologically brainwashed to suit the conditions of this ideal society.Here man lives a happy peaceful life through controlled use of drug and recreational sex.This world is set in A.F 632 i.e. 632 years after the advent of Henry Ford, icon of modern industrial automation,philosophy and culture. Now, Ford is the Lord (The God) and worshipped all the across the world. History,culture and religion that existed before this new world order was established is being systematically destroyed and erased.
dirk The first novel in this book is “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”.I was amazed and it was surely one of my best readings in the recent past.It covers various interesting concepts like Origin of Life, Chaos Theory,Coleridge’s Dream and Time Travel stitched together into fast paced thriller with bits of humor and a gradually unfolding mystery.
This novel is set in 2025 when books and laptops are obsolete and virtual reality is a part of everyday life.Everybody is using wearable computers and smart contact lenses.The central character of the novel is a poet named Robert Gu who is recovering from Alzheimer disease.There is also a global terrorist conspiracy with disastrous consequences built into the plot.
  1. ngm says:

    Rainbows End is pretty cool. Have you read any of Vinge’s other work? I think A Deepness in the Sky is his best, followed by Marooned in Realtime. They are my favorite scifi books.

  2. Ganesh says:

    Try The Inheritance by Michele smith

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