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ASP.NET 4.5 has introduced model binding and strongly typed templates for ASP.NET server controls.This simplifies the way a plain .NET object can be bound as a datasource of a server control like a GridView.Let’s get started off with a simple example of how model binding works.



ASP.NET 4.5 has introduced built-in support for bundling and minification of javascript and css resources.Here minification refers to the mechanism of compressing the javascript & stylesheet files thus reducing the size of data to transferred over the wire. The process of bundling involves combining multiple javascript/css files into one, thus reducing the number of HTTP calls made from the browser. The following post by Abhijit Jana gives a nice illustration of the feature covering the basics and  the advanced areas as well.

Having read this, I was just thinking about these elements/classes under the System.Web.Optimization namespace are all stitched together to implement the bundling and minification functionality.There were some design level questions as well like is the bundled content cached once created at server side or the bundling is done for every request?.