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Normally while developing ASP.NET applications we follow a layered architecture with the Web/Presentation layer decoupled from the core business logic via the Service Interface.Whereas most of the examples we come across in ASP.NET MVC, the Model (O/R layer) seems to be very tightly integrated with the web application.I just started how I can seperate out the O/R layer and expose it via a WCF service and make the ASP.NET MVC application talk to the this service only.While doing so I found out that to seperate the different components into individual layer it is extremely important to understand the underlying application design patterns, how and where they fit in.In this post I will discuss about the Object Relational Mapping patterns and how it can help us to isolate the O/R.The three object relational mapping patterns discussed in this post are from Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.