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Tuple in C# 4.0

Posted: November 29, 2009 in .NET, C#
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Tuple provides us with a way to group elements of disparate data types together.This is present in functional languages like Haskell and also dynamic languages like Python.A common example of a tuple is a pair of coordinates defining a point in two dimensional space.In Haskell a tuple storing name and age of person is defined as :


My TweetCloud Over An Year

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Others

Today I generated my tweet cloud over my tweets of past one year using

This can be accessed at

Nice concept.It gives you a cool snapshot about what you have tweeted in a time span.



Dynamic Reception in C#

Posted: November 22, 2009 in .NET, C#
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In my last couple of posts I had discussed about the new dynamic keyword introduced in C# 4.0 and the how the DLR integrates with CLR to provide the dynamic programming services.In this post I will discuss about the System.Dynamic.DynamicObject class and how we can implement dynamic receivers in C#.Dynamic Receivers allows the client code to make a method call that is not defined in the class.Take a look at the following C# code:

The term “Cloud Computing” has gained a lot of attention by now and the momentum seems to be rising even in 2010.Cloud Computing appears in Gartner’s list of Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010 and as per the report:

Cloud computing is a style of computing that characterizes a model in which providers deliver a variety of IT-enabled capabilities to consumers. Cloud-based services can be exploited in a variety of ways to develop an application or a solution. Using cloud resources does not eliminate the costs of IT solutions, but does re-arrange some and reduce others. In addition, consuming cloud services enterprises will increasingly act as cloud providers and deliver application, information or business process services to customers and business partners.